Product Consultation 15 min.....Complimentary

Also known as collagen induction therapy is a minimally invasive treatment to
rejuvenate the skin.

Remodeling Facial (RMD).....$ 130 (package discount available)
Next generation facial procedure, a revolutionary new system combining five proven
technologies, reducing wrinkles giving you younger-looking skin with HVPC, U-
vibration, Micro-Currents, Galvanic-Currents and Electroporation
For best result, more than one session is recommended.
Age 30 up to 6 visits
Age 40 up to 8 visits
Age 50 and beyond 10-12 visits

Oxygenating Facial.....$ 115
The treatment is a micro-bubble foam that dramatically transforms the appearance
of the skin.

Microdermabrasion.....$ 105 (package, buy 4 get 5)
Rejuvenate dry skin, shrink large pores, reduce fine lines,  wrinkles and age spots.
Skin become smoother and healthier looking.

AHA Chemical Peel.....$ 100
The new shifts are underway and next generation of Acid Peels have entered the
scene. Natural acids and peeling methods are to pave the way to customize
powerful yet safe treatments!
Treatment is:  increasing cellular turnover, unclog pores, sheds dead skin -cells off
and stimulates Collagen production! A must try treatment!
Zero downtime!

Keratolyse Vegetal Peeling.....$ 95
The Keratolyse is an enzymatic peel recommended for revealing a glowing
complexion and visibly improving skin texture. True alternative to chemical peels.
Keratolyse helps eliminate dead cells while preparing skin to absorb skincare

Physiodermie  Facial.....$ 95
A preventative facial treatment using botanical extracts.
Targets dehydrated sun damaged skin and gives instant comfort to sensitive area.
This treatment adds a deep level of moisture resulting healthier, younger looking

LED Light Therapy.....$ 55
Skin LED Light Therapy has shown to be effective to improve fine lines, hyper-
pigmentation, acne  and prevent breakouts.
Blue Lights: kills bacteria and calms the skin, effective for sensitive skin.
Red Lights: Stimulates collagen productions, great for lose & aged skin.
Green Lights: working on pigmented skin and speeds up the healing process.

Mini Facial.....$ 55

Makeup.....$ 40

Body Treatment and Tanning Application available upon request.

Permanent Makeup
If you have sparse eyebrows uneven and pale lips or wear eyeliner every day,
this is for you.
Consultation is required

Powdered Eyeliner.....$ 350
Top and Bottom Eyeliner.....$ 350
Powdered Brows.....$ 350
Microblading.....$ 295
Eyelash Enhancement.....$ 250
Full Lip.....$ 425

One complimentary touch up is included in the first 8 weeks
A touch up after the 8 weeks is defined as a colour boost.
Over two years count as a new procedure

Colour Boost within 6 months.....
$ 95
6 months to 12 months.....$ 185
After one year.....$ 225

Lash Extensions
New Set.....$ 170
Re-lash 2 weeks.....$ 65
Re-lash 3 weeks.....$ 75
Re-lash 4 weeks.....$ 100

Eyebrow and Eyelash.....$ 25
Eyebrows tinting with Waxing.....
$ 20
Eyelash tinting.....
$ 15
Eyebrows tinting.....
$ 10

Skin Enhancements
Tattoo Removal.....Starting $ 100
Ink extraction removes tattoo quickly, safely, permanently, using PhiRemoval
Consultation is required.

Hair Removal
$ 1 / minute
The only permanent method of hair removal.

Eyebrows and Lips.....$ 15
Half Arms.....
$ 25
Full Arms.....
$ 30
Half Legs.....
$ 35
Full Legs.....$ 60
Under Arms.....
$ 15
$ 15
$ 45
Male Chest or Back.....
$ 45

Massage & Specialty Therapies
Reflexology.....$ 75
Relives tensions, improves circulation and helps promote the natural functions of the
related of the body
Ayurvedic Foot Massage.....
$ 85
Relaxes the nervous system, balances energy, relieves pain, and increases
blood and lymph circulation.

Hot Rock Massage.....$ 45/$85
Experience this unique warming massage that improves circulation and relieves
muscle tension. Leaving you deeply relaxed.

Relaxation Massage.....$ 40/$70
Essential oils are used exquisite combinations that reduce emotional and       
physical stress. Promotes relaxation and mood elevation.

Indian Head Massage.....$ 35
This massage releases muscular tension and stimulates the blood flow.


Bikini.....$ 15 & up
$ 12 & up
Full leg.....
$ 60
Half leg.....$ 35
Chest / Back.....$ 45
Full arm.....$ 30
Under arm.....$ 15
Lip.....$ 8

Pedicure And Manicure Treatments
Pedicure with colour.....$ 45
Mini Pedicure / Man Pedicure.....$ 35
Manicure for Natural Nails.....$ 28
Shellac Manicure.....$ 38
Shellac Removal.....$ 20

Hand And Feet Paraffin Treatment available upon request.

Pricing including HST

Prices are subject to change without notice


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