I am VERY excited to share some news with you all. I am introduced the STRUCTURAL REMODELING SYSTEM, which is a revolutionary
new system combining five proven technologies, reducing wrinkles giving you younger-looking skin - the results are outstanding and this
is why I have decided to invest in this permanent service for you at my Spa.

Structural Remodeling System is the next generation of facial remodeling procedures.

Silhouet-Tone™ has combined 5 scientifically proven technologies into one Skin Remodeling program in an effort to specifically address
the most important factors associated with facial aging and to provide effective, non-surgical facial rejuvenation.

The system, powered by HVPC Technology, targets the underlying problems associated with skin aging and generates results in the
dermis and muscles.

During treatment, the Synchronized Delivery treatment head draws on the power of multiple energy sources and simultaneously
combines innovative and scientifically proven technologies that consist of High Voltage Pulsatile Currents (HVPC), U-vibrations, Micro-
Currents,Galvanic current and Electroporation.

This five tiered approach works with the body to favor new collagen growth, tone sagging muscles and tighten the skin. The Structural
Remodeling System™ targets the skin for younger, natural looking results that last.